Fees, refunds, insuficient funds, fraud, bounced checks.

Under some circumstances we do make refunds. Refunds can be for reasons listed below but not limited to:

1. Refunds can be given if you after 3 days decide to remove your ad. DO NOT delete your ad, let us do it so you can get the refund.

2) Other reasons we find reasonable.

3) There are many unforeseeable reasons why we would give refunds. Each situation may or may not desrve a refund. Please contact us if you feel your situation desrves a refund or partioal refund.


We reserve the right to charge fees for our services and to change the fee(s) structure at anytime without prior notice.  To review the fees of our services please click here. To receive a refund for a reason you feel is appropriate contact us at and give us your ad number, email address you used to place the ad, the website address you placed your ad on ( WE HAVE MANY CLASSIFIED SITES ) and why you feel you deserve a refund. We reserve the right as to what determines a refund. If we feel your issue does not deserve a refund and your credit card company reverses the charges then the information in section 15 first paragraph on the terms of use page will apply and your account with us could be closed and your ad deleted. A refund does not mean your account with us or ad will be closed or deleted. A request or demand for a refund is not a guarantee of a refund.

 When you create an account using an email adress our system will respond to you with account information. If you sign up or place ads using that email address and that email address has an auto responder we will delete your account and all ads and you will not get a refund.

We will send you emails for promotions, new account information, request for user name and password and other information. Emails you receive from can be from fresnowantads.com and or fresnowantads.com. If you ever report us as SPAM we will close your account and any money you have paid us will not be refunded. We could sue you for filing a false complaint or statements against us which could be for court cost, lawyers fees, loss of revenue and business expenses.

We report all bounced checks, credit card fraud, incorrect information on credit card transactions to local, state, federal authorities and collection agencies. We charge $50.00 for bounced checks and for reversed credit from your credit card company. Faliure to pay the $50.00 fee will result in us filing with a collection agency and reporting you to authorities.


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